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Access Anywhere

View your data in the cloud with Redbird Metrics and Queue. This software as a service solution allows you to work from any computer through Google Chrome.

Advanced Analytics

Generate advanced analytics and compare your social presence to others. Improve your social media strategy with demographics and optimal posting times.

Save Time

Update your Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily. Automate your social sharing. Find viral content, influencers to mention, and hashtags to use. All from one place.


Track posting activity and shorten links with Bitley integration. RedBird stores information with your personal Dropbox account, so you are always in control of your data.


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This FREE software streamlines social media posting. Grab from articles on the web, find content, mention influencers, and automatically gauge the optimal times of day to share your posts. It’s the most powerful publishing tool.

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Try RedBird Q and change how you interact on the web.

Save Time

The RedBirdQ browser plugin allows you to snag quotes and pictures from any article on the web using tools like the highlighter pen. You can publish your content instantly or queue it to post automatically at future dates and times. Built in analytics suggests hashtags and @mentions for your post to maximize its reach and shareability.

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queue calendar

Maximize Your Exposure

The Calendar allows you to arrange your queue times and schedule posts for later, so you’re always active on social media and never spamming your followers. Blue bars on the calendar show you optimal posting times based on your personal followers’ activity times. Don’t guess when your posts will have the most impact, know with RedBirdQ.


RedBirdQ Plus!

Running a business or managing a huge following and the post limit on RedBirdQ just isn’t enough? Upgrade to RedBirdQ plus for unlimited posting. Set up multiple queues for even more interaction with your customers and fans.



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red bird metrics

RedBird Metrics

Expand your social media following using our latest technology. We’ll equip you with the tools the pros use: Grow, Twitter and Facebook Analytics, RedBird Q, and ChatterWhether you’re a business owner or a social media manager, RedBird Metrics has what you need to make an impact on the web.


Advanced Anayltics

Dozens of charts and graphs tell you exactly which demographics you’re reaching, common hashtags your followers use, ideal post times and more. Take advantage of some of the best Social Media analysis the web has to offer.

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Chatter & Lists

· Compare your Twitter or Facebook stats with a competitor
· Upload and edit Lists of followers
· View your Facebook and Twitter feeds all in one place
· Set filters on online news feeds
· Set up feeds to view @mentions and twitter tags

Analyze Followers

· Track followers gained and lost per day, week or month
· Track Likes, Retweets, Mentions and Reposts
· Guage which previously used hashtags were most successful
· Find the prime time to post based on retweets or reposts
· Look at age and gender demographics of facebook followers

RedBirdQ Plus Included

Everything in RedBirdQ Plus is included in the RedBird Metrics software.
Queue scheduled posts for Twitter or Facebook in your Calendar. Set Auto-Queue features and our software will schedule your posts for the times of day most likely to reach the maximum amount of your followers. Draft tweets for now, or save them in the queue for a later date of your choosing.

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Instant Access

RedBird Metrics is completely web-based, so you have access to your analytics online, any place, any time.

Twitter Grow

Grow your Twitter following. Manage your followers, add new people, and track activity on your Twitter acount. Search through tags and users to find new followers with similar interests. Follow or Unfollow users directly from Twitter Grow.


Chatter dashboard provides easy, simultaneous viewing for your Facebook, Twitter and news feeds. Set up news feeds by keywords to hone in on what people around the web are saying about your business.  Measure sentiment around your brand, or any keyword.

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What others say about us

RedbirdQ is hands down the best social media tool I’ve found. It saves me so much time, and makes sure each message I post reaches the most people possible.
Adam Kaslikowski, CEO Authorly
RedbirdQ is a lifesaver. It’s like having an entire social media team at my fingertips for the low price of free.
Kenyon Ellis, Power Practical - Director of Creative Design and Marketing