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10 Facebook Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

December 10, 2014
Josh Light

Facebook has over 864 million daily active users. It’s the most popular social network in the United States, but staying popular comes at a price. Facebook is constantly changing, and that translates into frustration for us. To make your life easier, I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite Facebook hacks. Most of these tips are handy browser extensions. Check it out.

Invite Everyone With One Click

facebook invite all chrome extension

Back in the day, when we had to walk uphill both ways to school, Facebook conveniently allowed users to invite all of their friends to like a Page or Event. Now you have to click each friend individually, and this takes forever.

That’s why you should check out Facebook Invite All. It’s a free Chrome extension that allows you to automatically invite all of your friends to a Page or Event with just one click.

If you like this extension, then please take a moment to thank its creator:

Mohammed Elmadhoun: mohelm97@gmail.com

How to Disable “Seen” in Facebook Messages

Have you ever received a Facebook message when you were super busy, and you didn’t have time to respond? When you viewed that message the person on the other end was notified that you had “seen” their message. It looks something like this:

facebook message

People can get really offended when they notice that you’ve seen their message, and haven’t taken the time to respond. How do you combat this problem?

Introducing Facebook Unseen. Facebook Unseen is a free Chrome extension that takes away the “seen” feature in Facebook.

facebook unseen chrome extension

If you like this extension, then please take a moment to thank its creator:

Aza Steel: Twitter (@azasteel)

Automatically Log-out of Facebook

Has someone ever used your computer to post an unflattering Facebook status update? This has certainly happened to me, and I hate it.

That’s why I use Facebook Auto Log Out. This free Chrome extension will automatically log you out whenever you close your browser.

facebook auot log out chrome extension


If you like this extension, then please take a moment to thank its creator:

Arjun Krishnakumar: arjun.krishnakumar.mec@gmail.com

Embed a Post on Your Website

One tactic for getting more Facebook “likes” is to embed a Facebook post on your website. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the little upside down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the Facebook post you want to embed
  • Choose “Embed Post” from the dropdown menu
  • Copy the embed code from the box that pops up
  • Paste the code into your blog or website

embed facebook post

Block Some Ads on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook has steady increased over the years. The clutter of ads can sometimes demean the Facebook experience.

One way to reduce the number of ads you see on Facebook is to install Adblock Plus. It’s a free Chrome extension that blocks all ads that are tagged as “sponsored”. If you want to block more than just posts that are tagged as “sponsored” then you need to check out this article.

block facebook ads

If you like this extension, then please take a moment to thank its creator:

Creator: Michael McDonald Twitter: @adblockplus

Post GIFs to Facebook

Technically, Facebook doesn’t allow GIFs to be published on it’s platform. Giphy has found a workaround. GIFs shared from this site appear in newsfeeds as a video (technically not a GIF). Try it out.

If you like this site, then please take a moment to thank its creators:

Founders: Alex Chung and Jace Cooke Twitter: @Giphy

Track Competitors With Pages to Watch

pages to watch facebook

Facebook Fan Pages have a really cool feature that allows you to compare your performance to other Facebook Fan Pages. As a business this can be really handy because it gives you an idea of how well you’re doing relative to competitors. It’s super easy to setup:

  • Open your Facebook Fan Page
  • Click on “Insights” at the top of your Page
  • Scroll down to “Pages to Watch” and click “Add Pages”
  • Search for the Page you want to watch
  • Click “Watch Page”
  • Select 5 Pages to watch
  • Click “Done”

Automatically Enlarge Photos With Mouse Over

Sometimes it can be nice to enlarge a photo without having to click on it first. I find this is especially true when dealing with Memes because they usually hide part of the text.

Luckily, there are few free Chrome extensions that tackle this problem. My favorite is Photo Zoom for Facebook. It enlarges pictures when you hover your cursor over them. Works only on Facebook

photo zoom for facebook

If you like this extension, then please take a moment to thank its creator:

Regis Gaughan, III: Twitter: @regisgaughan

Post to Facebook From Anywhere on the Web

Managing a Facebook account can be time consuming. When you find something you want to share, you have to go to Facebook to share it. Not anymore.

RedbirdQ allows you to share to multiple Facebook accounts from anywhere on the web with it’s free Chrome extension. It also helps you schedule your posts to go out at the best possible times. Check it out.


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Use Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Facebook has keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts can save you loads of time when managing your Facebook account. Keyboard shortcuts will work differently depending on the browser you’re using:


Chrome: Control + Option + [command]

Safari: Control + Option + [command]

Firefox: Control + [command]


Chrome: Alt + [command]

Firefox: Shift + Alt + [command]

To execute a shortcut, simply add the command.

Engagement Commands

l = Like or unlike a post

p = Post a new status

j and k = navigate between News Feed stories

c = Comment on a story in your News Feed

s = Share the selected story

q = Search chat contacts

? = Open keyboard shortcuts while in your News Feed

Quick Page Navigation

0 = Help

1 = Home

2 = Timeline

3 = Friends

4 = Inbox

5 = Notifications

6 = Account Settings

7 = Privacy

8 = About

9 = Terms

/ = Search

Can you think of any Facebook hacks we might have missed? Comment below.

(Photo Credit: Flickr via mkhmarketing)