Reasons You Should Use Twitter Instead of Calling Customer Service

10 Reasons You Should Use Twitter Instead of Calling Customer Service

February 10, 2015
Josh Light

Do you hate calling customer service? I do. Nothing is more unpleasant than listening to an automated machine give you a bunch of options for five minutes, inevitably resulting in being connected to an operator who speaks with an accent so heavy that you have to constantly ask them to repeat themselves.

Or…dealing with Comcast. That will ruin anyone’s day. For example, my friend was paying for cable even though his cable box was broken. He called Comcast, several times, and the only available time they could send out a technician was during his work hours. Eventually he just wanted them to pick up his cable box, and cancel his cable. They told him he had to drop it off during business hours. Catch 22.

Bonus: Listen to this ridiculous Comcast call. Worst customer service ever.

So what did my friend do? He complained on Twitter. The next day Comcast came by and picked up his cable box after he got off of work. Why is complaining on Twitter better than calling customer service?

1. You Can Mention Anyone

mention companies on twitter

On Twitter, you can instantly reach anyone. There is no filter or dedicated line you have to call. Simply mention the company’s Twitter handle, and you’re magically in contact with them.

2. You’re Dealing With Management

twitter customer service

A company isn’t going to put a low-level pion in charge of their Twitter account. That’d be like having a minimum wage worker at McDonalds be responsible for doing television interviews for the corporation. It’s not going to happen. This means that whoever you’re talking to on Twitter actually has the power to make things happen. Amazing.

3. It’s A Public Conversation

twitter is a public conversation

Every conversation on Twitter is public. If a company ignores you then other people will see how terrible their customer service is, so they generally respond rather quickly.

4. Do It On The Fly

twitter for customer service

You can tweet from your mobile device. Yes, this means you can hangout with your friends while simultaneously resolving your issues with Geico—multitasking at it’s finest.

5. They’ll Make You Happy

twitter customer

Your exchange is a public conversation. This means that the company has the incentive to make sure you’re as happy as possible, or they run the risk of receiving a waterfall of negative public tweets that can quickly turn into a P.R. nightmare.

6. No Surveys

survey customer service

Every time I have to call customer service, I’m immediately irate, due to said process described at the beginning of this article. At the end, the customer service representative always asks me if I’d like to take a survey on my experience, “it will only take 10 minutes, sir”, they say.

No one wants to take a survey after having to deal with that tedious process. I’ve never been asked to take a survey after complaining on Twitter, probably because we’re only dealing with 140 characters.

7. No Upselling

no upselling on twitter

What’s more irritating than phoning a call center? When they try to upsell you. No one wants to be sold something when they’re calling in to deal with a problem. Upselling doesn’t happen on Twitter. Imagine the PR fallout if it did.

8. No Queue Time

no call waiting on twitter

I used to work in customer service, as a quality control manager for ZAGG. When the phones started ringing, people were inevitably put in a queue. As a representative it was stressful. I mean, as you press the button to take the next call you know the person is already frustrated because they’ve been waiting for 20 minutes.

On Twitter, response times are publicly visible. Brands know this. When people see they aren’t answering promptly it hurts the brands image.

9. They’re Usually Funny

funny people on twitter

People who manage Twitter accounts generally have a sense of humor, especially big brands. This means a better experience for you.

10. You Can Automate It


Imagine if you had a lot of problems, and had to contact a bunch of different companies to resolve them. In real-life that would entail you wasting at least an hour on the phone.

On Twitter, you can schedule tweets using software, like RedbirdQ, to complain at specific times. This is really nice because it allows you to deal with all your problems at a time of your choosing.

For example, let’s say you’re working a 9 to 5 job. As you notice problems throughout the day you use RedbirdQ to schedule tweets to address your problems. You know that you’ll have time to resolve the issues at 6 p.m., so you schedule your tweets to go out at that time. 6 p.m. rolls around and within 15 minutes all your problems are solved.

I’ve literally used Twitter to resolve everything from internet problems to airline delays. It works so well. Just try it, trust me.

Have you had any experiences using Twitter instead of phoning a call center? Would love to hear about it. Please comment below. Oh yeah, RedbirdQ is free. Sign up today. You’ll love it, and I’ll love you.

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