7 Reasons You Should be Using a Facebook Business Page

November 14, 2014
Josh Light

So…you’re thinking about using Facebook for your business, but you’re not sure why. Here are 7 reasons why you should be using a Facebook Business Page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


87% of U.S. adults are using the internet. Every one of these adults is using a search engine like Google to find things on the web.

What web pages generally show up when you search for a company on Google? Usually the company’s website is the first result, Wikipedia is the 2nd result, and Facebook is the 3rd result. If it’s not the 3rd it’s still on the first page. Don’t believe me? Pick a company and do a Google search right now.

Having a Facebook Business Page helps companies get on the first page of Google.

Some people even argue that the things you share on Facebook impact your visibility on Google too. According to Searchmetrics, 7 of the 10 of the most important factors in SEO ranking now come from social media. This means that by sharing stuff to Facebook you’re increasing the probability that someone finds you when they search for your product or service online.

Increased Exposure

Facebook has over 757 million people using it everyday. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page than you can’t connect with this huge pool of potential customers.

Traffic to Website

A Facebook Business Page allows you to put a link to your website on it. This helps drive more customers to your website ultimately resulting in more sales.

Pro Tip: Start a blog that’s attached to your website, and share your blog posts to your Facebook Business Page. This will help drive more traffic to your website.


Facebook Business Page data

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A Facebook Business Page gives you access to a lot of data:

  • The sex of your Fans
  • The age of your Fans
  • Where your Fans live
  • What language your Fans speak
  • The types of articles your Fans “Like”
  • Or even what time of day your Fans use Facebook

This data can be used to help market your business in both the offline, and online world. It can also be used to help you come up with new product or service ideas.

You can even export this data into an Excel sheet which opens up some interesting data analysis opportunities.

Facebook Tabs and Contests

Having a Facebook Business Page allows you to utilize Facebook tabs. Facebook tabs can be used for:

  • Featuring a product or service
  • Creating a compelling video
  • Collecting emails
  • Running contests
  • Or even explaining a little more about what your company does

With a Facebook Business Page you can’t enjoy the benefits of Facebook tabs.

Easy Marketing

Facebook is essentially word of mouth on steroids. Think about it, whenever someone “Likes” something you share on Facebook it gets exposed to their connections. If one of their connections “Likes” it then it gets exposed to their connections…etc.

This means that the things you share on Facebook can easily reach thousands of people. The only cost for using Facebook is your time…so if it takes you 5 minutes to post something, and that post reaches 2,000 people is it worth doing? I’d say yes.

Access to Advertising

Having a Facebook Business Page gives you access to Facebook advertising. Facebook advertisements are extremely targeted. You can specify regions, and even obscure interests.

For example, let’s say you are trying to sell political dog collars. You could target ads to a specific geographical region, specify that you want the ad to only appear to people who “Like” certain political candidates and who also “Like” dogs. Abracadabra! Your ad will only appear to people who are qualified leads for your business. That’s powerful.

These are only a few of the benefits for using Facebook as a business. Can you think of any that we missed?

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(Photo Credits: Flickr via Carlos LunaOwen W Brown)