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The Arby’s Tweet That Was Seen By Millions – Social Media Success Story

  What if one tweet could generate 30 million dollars worth of advertising? It can, and it has. Check out this story: Pharrell Williams wore this hat during the Grammy Awards: Josh Martin, Arby’s social media manager, recognized a social…

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twitter's new timeline change

How Twitter’s New Timeline Change Impacts You

Twitter has made some big changes lately with how their timeline works. Here’s a quote from their help document, “What’s a Twitter timeline?” “[…] when we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant,…

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Twitter Header Test

Does Changing Your Twitter Header To An Ad Increase Website Traffic [Case Study]

In 2010, I spent 4 months living in Ghana doing microfinance.  Part of my job involved visiting extremely poor markets, and finding businesses that would benefit from ultra low interest loans.  It was really gratifying because it gave me the…

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How To Customize Your Twitter Header

When I first learned about the new Twitter profile I was excited because of all the additional digital real-estate offered by the Twitter header. It presented the opportunity for me to drive consumers to my website, or illustrate some new…

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How Facebook Perpetuates War

Technology today is amazing.  I’m able to become friends with individuals in other countries through Facebook.  I can even communicate with them through Google Chrome (automatic language translation).  For me this has been an incredible learning experience because I am…

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Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Engagement

Have you recently asked yourself why your Facebook Fan Page isn’t getting engagement like it used to? You’re not alone. Facebook made some big changes in late 2013 on the way it determines what content appears in newsfeeds. Facebook even…

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Happy Marketing Club: online marketing using Facebook

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How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy That Lasts

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy That Lasts (via TomFanelli) Television advertising has been struggling since the advent of DVRs and video-streaming services like Netflix, and print magazine ads are equally troubled as more and more people turn to…

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How To Use Twitter To Get Earned Media

Gene Stilp 2012 candidate for congress How To Use Twitter To Get Earned Media According to the It Score, one of the most important variables for winning a political race is getting journalists, reporters, and bloggers to write about you….

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Women are more active on social media | infographic

An infographic about social media with a few surprises (via Business Network Korea) We found this great and very informative Infographic about social media that might surprise you. It reveals that women are more active on most of the major…

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