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does mentioning influencers on twitter work

Does Mentioning Influencers On Twitter Work? [Case Study]

Are you looking to drive more sales, or get coverage from the press? One of the best ways to do this is through relationship building on social networks. It’s free and requires very little time. In this article we test…

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How to use RedBirdQ

How to Use RedbirdQ Like a Pro – Best Practices

I’ve been using RedbirdQ for months, and have learned a trick or two on how to get the most out of the software. In this article I’m going to teach you how I use RedbirdQ. This is one of four…

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How RedbirdQueue Helps You Find Content

Finding content to share, to social media, can easily consume the majority of your social media management time. That’s why we built a content finder inside RedbirdQueue (RedbirdQ). This is one of four articles that explains some of the powerful…

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how redbirdqueue helps you maximize your social reach

How RedbirdQueue Helps You Maximize Your Social Reach

With organic reach continuing to decline on Facebook, it has become extremely important to make sure every post you share is being optimized to reach the most people. This is one of the main reasons we decided to make RedbirdQueue…

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How to use the Scheduling Features in RedbirdQueue

After years of blood and sweat, our tiny team of bootstrapping designers, programmers, and business peeps are excited to announce that we’ll be releasing RedbirdQueue (RedbirdQ) to the public soon. This is one of four articles that explains some of…

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social media marketing for restaurants

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants – A Complete Guide

You’ve finally finished your website for your restaurant, but you’re not sure how to drive people to your flashy new digital presence. In this guide we’re going to teach the basics for getting your restaurant going with digital marketing. We’ll…

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twitter bio

How to Write a Professional Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is not only one of the first things people see when they come to profile, but it’s often a deciding factor on whether or not a person will even visit your profile in the first place. Think…

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how to use social media as a market research tool

5 Steps For Using Social Media as a Market Research Tool

Last week I sat down with Caitlin Jolley to discuss using social media as a market research tool. Caitlin is the founder and CEO of Inside & Out Cosmetics. In addition to running her business, she does social media consulting…

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The Arby’s Tweet That Was Seen By Millions – Social Media Success Story

  What if one tweet could generate 30 million dollars worth of advertising? It can, and it has. Check out this story: Pharrell Williams wore this hat during the Grammy Awards: Josh Martin, Arby’s social media manager, recognized a social…

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Twitter Header Test

Does Changing Your Twitter Header To An Ad Increase Website Traffic [Case Study]

In 2010, I spent 4 months living in Ghana doing microfinance.  Part of my job involved visiting extremely poor markets, and finding businesses that would benefit from ultra low interest loans.  It was really gratifying because it gave me the…

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