How RedbirdQueue Helps You Find Content

January 15, 2015
Josh Light

Finding content to share, to social media, can easily consume the majority of your social media management time. That’s why we built a content finder inside RedbirdQueue (RedbirdQ).

This is one of four articles that explains some of the powerful features we have packed into RedbirdQ. Here are the other articles:

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How to Find Content With RedbirdQueue

What is Content

Content describes the articles or visuals that you share on social networks.

When doing social media marketing, you should be promoting other people’s content about 80% of the time. If you don’t follow this rule then your followers may perceive you as narcissistic.

The easiest way to overcome the narcissism problem is to share interesting and relevant articles to your social media following, but this is where the problems start.

Why Content is a Problem

At Redbird Metrics, we have been engaged in social media consulting for over 4 years. We have a team of individuals who manage social media for both small and large clients.

One of the biggest time wasters we encountered, in our consulting business, is finding relevant content to share. If you haven’t encountered this problem yet, then you’re probably not sharing enough content on your social media accounts.

To solve the content dilemma we turned to existing software solutions, but ran into a road block.

The Problem With Existing Content Solutions

There is an abundance of software solutions, on the market, that are dedicated solely to helping you find content. Most of them work like this:

  1.  There is some kind of search bar where you type in keywords or a phrase
  2. The search bar pulls up content related to those keywords
  3. You copy the content link, and post it on your social network

There are two major problems with the current content solutions:

  1. You have to think of words to search for
  2. You have to go to a 3rd party tool to find content

Thinking of Words to Search for

Human beings suffer from confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is our tendency to recall information that confirms our beliefs or hypotheses.

To put it simply, we tend to think of things based on our past experiences or beliefs.

When using a traditional content tool, it’s easy to fall into the confirmation bias trap because the keywords or phrases you supply are based on your past experiences and beliefs.

Everything you feed a search engine, when looking for content, is probably going to have confirmation bias.

RedbirdQ’s content tool overcomes this problem by presenting you with a list of keywords that are pulled from the article you’re sharing. This approach presents you with fresh content keywords which helps you find content that you’d probably never find. We built the content tool to specifically address this problem.

Having to go to a 3rd Party Tool

It doesn’t make sense to force people to go to a 3rd party tool to find content to share. Content discovery should be built into your sharing tool. This takes out an extra step, which results in saving more time.

We expressly built our content discovery inside of our sharing tool to address this issue.

RedbirdQ’s content tool reduces the amount of time we spend on managing a social media account by 70%. That’s huge.

Here’s how it works:

1) Find an article you’d like to share to social networks. Press the Redbird button

2) Press the content button. It looks like a link icon

3) Select a keyword you’d like to find content for

find content with redbirdqueue

4) Click the title of articles you’d like to share. Titles that you click will automatically open in a new browser tab

Check out RedbirdQ today. Please comment below if you have any questions. Thanks!

(Photo Credit: Flickr via Chris Heiler)