How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page in 3 Simple Steps

November 14, 2014
Josh Light

Facebook has over 1.23 billion active users, and there are over 50 million business pages on Facebook (Source: Facebook).

Businesses need to create a presence on Facebook in order to gain access to Facebook’s massive user base.

This tutorial will teach you the basics of setting up a Facebook Page for your business. We’re going to pretend to set up a Facebook Page for a coffee shop.

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Step 1: Create A Fan Page

The first step in this process is telling Facebook what type of business you have. To begin, click on the link below:

You should see something like this:

how to set up a facebook page

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Facebook organizes businesses according to these six categories. Pick the category that best describes your business.

For our example, we’re going to use “Local Business or Place” because we’re creating a Facebook Page for our imaginary coffee shop.

how to create a fan page

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Next choose the category of your organization. It’s important to select the category that best describes your business because Facebook will use this to help Facebook users find your Page.

facebook business page

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I’m going to choose “Restaurant/Cafe” because we are setting up a Page for an imaginary coffee shop.

Now we need to choose our Facebook Page’s name. Choosing your name is a critical step because the name you choose will impact whether or not people can find you on Facebook or on other search engines like Google. If you have a company name use it. If you have keywords that people usually search for when looking for your business then you may consider including them in your Facebook Page’s name.

Pro Tip: It’s usually a good idea to Google your competitor’s Facebook Pages for inspiration on how to name your Facebook Page.

A couple of things to consider when naming your Facebook Page:

  1. You can change your name later (only once). It’s kind of hard to do so it’s best to get it right the first time. You can’t change your name after you get over 200 “likes”.
  2. You have 70 characters to use for your Page’s name.

Warning: You may be tempted to create a personal profile page for your business instead of a Fan Page. It’s against Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to have 2 personal profiles (section 4). If Facebook catches you they will delete both of your accounts.

Step 2: Populate Your Profile

About Section

How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page in 3 Simple Steps

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In the “About” section you can provide various categories that describe your business. Adding categories will help Facebook users find you when they search for a product or service you offer. Take some time to think of a few categories that best describe your business. You only get to use 3 keywords.

The area below your categories is where you actually describe what your business does. Make sure to include a good description of what you offer. Take this opportunity to illustrate why you’re different than other companies offering similar solutions.

Pro Tip: Your company description may be indexed by some search companies. This means the words you use in this description may impact where you show up in a Google search. If you’re a brick and mortar store you should definitely include the cities you operate in. Doing so will increase the probability that your company shows up when someone does a Google search for you.

Put some time into thinking of a good unique URL to use when selecting a Facebook URL for your Page. This is the URL you’ll be using if you want to drive anyone to your Facebook Page outside of Facebook. For example, you may put this URL on a billboard, or in an email signature to drive more traffic to your Facebook Page. You only get to change this once…so think hard on what you want your URL to be.

Pro Tip: You can include your website in your business description, and reserve the link area for another link like your Twitter account, or Yelp profile.

Profile Picture

Creating Your Facebook Profile Picture

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The next step is uploading a profile picture. You can use any picture you’d like. The recommended size is 180 X 180. You may consider uploading a picture showcasing one of your products, your logo, or a picture of you and your staff.

The profile picture you choose to use is extremely important because it is one of the primary visuals on your Page. Your profile picture will appear in search results on Facebook, and it will also be next to any comments you post.

Pro Tip: If you’re struggling on making a decision on what type of picture to upload then you should do a Google search for Facebook Pages of other companies in your industry. Take a moment to see how they describe themselves, and the types of pictures they use for their profile picture.

Add Favorites

setting up your facebook page

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When you add your Page to favorites it makes it appear in the vertical navigation bar next to your newsfeed on your personal profile. This makes it easier for you to access your Page when on Facebook.

Reach More People

In the next section Facebook tries to get you to create an advertisement. I do not recommend doing this right now (your Page is way too new). Press skip.

Cover Picture

how to create a Facebook page

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Your cover photo serves as a background photo for your page. To add a picture simply click “Add a Cover” above your profile picture. Typically businesses will use a call to action, or some image that exemplifies their brand. The dimensions of the photo are 851 x 315 pixels.

Bonus: If you need help creating your Facebook cover photo then you should check out our free PowerPoint template. This template will help you easily create a cover photo for your Facebook Page.

Extra Info

Depending on the type of business you selected at the beginning, Facebook will have additional information that you should consider entering on your Page. For our fictitious coffee shop’s Page we can add store hours, price range, and even our menu. Many consumers will stumble across your Facebook Page as they surf the web. Having this information could help you convert more customers.

how to create a facebook page for business

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Step 3: Make it Live

Share Your First Post

Now you’re ready to share your first post. It’s important to share at least one post before you start promoting your Page. A good first post could be welcoming your fans to your new Page. When you invite people to your Page they’ll see this post.

Sharing your first facebook post

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Bonus: If you need additional help on what you should share on Facebook, “50 Facebook Status Update Ideas for Small Businesses“.

Like Your Page

Take a moment to press the “Like” button on your new Page. Doing so will expose your Page to your Facebook friends.

Invite Your Friends

Inviting your friends to “Like” your Facebook Page is a critical step towards building your audience. I recommend inviting your friends in the following order:

  1. Invite your Facebook friends. This can be accomplished by selecting “Build Audience” in the upper right hand corner. Next select “Invite Friends”. This feature will send a personal invitation to “Like” your Page to all your Facebook friends.
  2. Invite your email contacts. You can do this by clicking on the “Build Audience” dropdown and selecting “Invite Email Contacts”.
  3. Invite your customers. You want to do this last because your customers will be more excited about your Page if they see that other people have already liked it. Include your Facebook URL in offline ads. Consider putting up visuals around your business encouraging customers to “Like” your Facebook Page (if you’re a brick and mortar store).

Pro Tip: You can make other people administrators of this Page. Once they are an admin they can invite their Facebook friends, and email contacts as well.

Now you’ve officially created a Facebook Page. Make sure to share content regularly, and you’ll enjoy the free exposure Facebook provides.

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(Photo Credit: Flickr via Sheila ScarboroughSusanne Nilssonmkhmarketing)