Weekly Roundup: Twitter And Google Make A Baby

March 20, 2015
Josh Light

Every week we do a roundup of key news or marketing content that caught our eye. Here’s this week’s roundup.

Save the Bros

I’m sure everybody has a friend, or two, that could be considered a “bro”. I certainly do. Check out this hilarious video from Organic Valley that promotes a new protein shake for “bros”.


I love how this video fully exploits the stereotypical body builder. I’d be surprised if this thing doesn’t go viral. It would be interesting to see if body builders find this funny or offensive.

Fake Hillary Pinterest Board Deleted

hillary clinton pinterest board

On Valentine’s Day, Rand Paul’s campaign created a fake Pinterest board for Hillary Clinton. The board advertised itself as being owned by Hillary Clinton. On Sunday Pinterest deleted the “parody” board because it violated the companies “acceptable use policy”. Like all the popular social networks, Pinterest doesn’t allow you “impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.”

Some of the highlights of the board included:

  • A “Power Couple” board: featured shots of Mr. & Mrs. Clinton.
  • An “Inspirational Quotes” slot.
  • A “White House remodel” board: featuring plans the Clinton’s have for remodeling the White House, like installing a heart-shaped pool.

Rand’s campaign was likely using Pinterest to attack a large portion of Hillary’s likely voters (women)…considering that 42% of online women use Pinterest.

Twitter And Google Make A Baby

On February 5, Google and Twitter announced a partnership: Google now has access to all of Twitter’s tweets. This is a huge move for both companies. This will give Google more real-time news because Twitter breaks news faster than any other online source. It benefits Twitter by making tweets even more relevant for SEO.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, announced in 2014 that Google has problems scraping from Facebook and Twitter because the companies don’t grant Google direct access. People in the SEO industry promptly concluded that Facebook and Twitter aren’t indexed by Google. I personally know this isn’t true. In fact, one of the first things to be indexed in Google search for RedbirdQ was a tweet. This tweet outranked our blog posts for months.

Now that Twitter has given Google complete access, I think Twitter’s user base will see a growth spurt. Social media and SEO experts will pitch Twitter has a way to increase a website’s visibility. This will cause more companies to jump into Twitter.

I don’t foresee Facebook following this route because they seem to be pulling a page out of Microsoft’s book with trying to compete with Google. We’ve included this in the update because of it’s relevance to the social marketing space.

Facebook Expands Augmented Reality

oculus rift

Facebook is developing virtual reality apps for Oculus Rift. Though the user adoption is probably a few years off, it’s exciting to think about the marketing possibilities that this technology could provide.

Snapchat is Worth A Lot


Snapchat is raising another round of funding. If they’re successful their valuation will be over 19 billion dollars. I think we can expect more to come from Snapchat.

Any news or funny videos we missed? Please comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

(Photo Credits: Flickr via Ted Murphy, Global Panorama, Kooroshication)